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Dec 12, 2006

Photo's from UPPER PLAYGROUND PDX GALLERY opening last Thursday....A Portland Local artist show... Thanks to all the artists who participated and everyone who came out in Portland. It was an excellent opening and we appreciate all the support and enthusiasm. For those who couldn't make it out, here's some shots of the work and the opening... Corey Smith Mensen & Zees from Legal Bee Productions Jesse Reno Oddball lineup (plus Birdie, minus Clae Welch) Dan Ness Justin Gorman & Caleb Freese Jesse Reno Brad Simon Ashley Montague Klutch Olivia Edith Jacob Redmond


Anonymous Ms. Mensen said...

I know I'm cute but fuck, we did art too....

9:06 PM  
Blogger Rodrigo Lima said...

Love this! Congratulations!

3:21 PM  

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