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Feb 28, 2007

A Clear Alternative...

We werent happy with Pepsi-Clear, but why stop there. Every one knows that if we want to live in the future then we must make things in either silver(shiny or matte) or clear(also shiny or matte), these people bring us just one step closer. The aLeda & aLedinha papers: * 100% Cellulose * 100% Transparent * Made in Brazil * Biodegradeable * Slow Burning * Odorless and inoccuous * Product of vegetal origin, inodorous and innocuous The cellulose we are using does not contain the chemical compounds found in the production of white paper, such as lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. These compounds are required so that the paper reaches the stage we are used to seeing it in. aLeda does not use those chemical compounds because the product manufacturing process is finished on a phase before that of the white paper. This is a vegetable product that is 100% biodegradable, innocuous, tasteless and inodorous; eliminating any doubts in relation to the health of our consumers. The future makes Too Short and Yukmouth smile...


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