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Feb 18, 2007


here's some pictures and a lil something from our friends at favelapainting.com "Last November we arrived in Rio de Janeiro to do research on our Favela Painting project. We decided to make a test painting and chose three houses in Vila Cruzeiro, one of the most infamous slums of Rio. After months of hard work, rainy days and police raids, we are proud to announce that we finally finished our first mural, made together with two local kids, Vitor and Mauri. The painting depicts a little boy playing with a kite, the favorite pastime of the local youth." "The painting is situated in the heart of the favela, next to the soccer field, which is the center of all social activities in Vila Cruzeiro. Access to this slum, operated by a drug gang was made possible by the Ibiss foundation, that runs a social center in the community. Making this painting is the first step to turn the favela into an open-air art gallery. All inhabitants are very happy and proud with the new landmark in their favela and keep asking when we will return to paint more." "Please check our website www.favelapainting.com for more info and tons of pictures of the whole project! We will return to the Netherlands in march, where we will try to raise more funds to continue our project as soon as possible. We would like to be back in Rio around July to make more and bigger paintings, invite other artists to join to help turn the slums into beautiful places filled with art. If you feel like helping out in any way, we would be more than grateful." "We are currently looking for sponsors to adopt the project, both financially as with material. We work together with the Ibiss foundation, which has full NGO-status. But also private donations are more than welcome, please check out our website to learn more about supporting the Favelapainting project.


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