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Mar 28, 2007


THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT FROM A POST BY 'O.C.80' ON 12OZPROPHET.COM. THIS SPEAKS SOME HISTORY ON THE 'SF BUSFLOW' STYLE OF TAGGING... "l.a. flows were all squggly. even the ones that flowed had no uniform style that had dead set rules. sf is rigid in what is good and what is just off cuff. it takes years to undertand. walker is sick, and this ain't meant to put him down, but the youngsters dont know the errors they make in this style that is unflexable. connect your w to your a little homie. i got love for your shit, but damn. someone find 'POCKET' or 'PDS1', 'FORM' or 'SHELT' to show these kids.. at least when 'FADER GF" brought that new r to the table, he did it flamboasting, while other kids were trying to "innovate" ways to look like 90s 'GESO' mop tags, becoming another "ironic" tool of the hipsters.. the closest they get to blowing grapes on 24 or bus hopping after school on GMP, or figger 8'n in Lakeview, is key bumps at the beauty bar, a trip to sf state, and a fixed gear ride as fast as you can down mactarther to you loft in norf/west oakland.. better known these days as lower temescal. for real. this shit isn't meant to offend.. i go respect to the fullest for these cats, but seriously.. sf's handstyle is not to be played with unless you knwo your history. go smoke a cigarette in the back of a bus in the yard ine night to get a feel for it.. THAT IS SF GRAF, not all this other shit,, it comes and goes. locals are generations deep. ever wonder why our kids go dumb on the bus still? you think hyper became a piecer cuz of outside influence? naw son, that's sco grow. sf has sharp left to right diagonal sharp lines, with fast drawn ones some mistake for twos.. 'CEAVE', 'ELF', 'IANER', and the MANY before them loosened it up and mad it softer in the connections. everytime i get locked up is santa rita, i enjoy tlaking to the ogs and comparing styles.. back before graf was pushed out of the hood cuz it aint a money maker. i always found san jo too sharp in connections.. bad concept in a city obcessed with itself, and it self indulgent pieces. and san rafael too loose, unless you talk about 'KMF', and 'THK' and shit. 'RESCUE' was raw.'ESHER' ,'JOLTS', 'VENDR', 'CREASE', 'GSPOT', shit the whole 'MVK'. even that bitch ass transformer 'BANG9' was raw. ... dont forget how US changed the game with 'BUSY', 'ZEAN', 'ORFN', 'REVERS', 'JADER', 'STAK', 'EDOG' (rip), 'AMAZE', 'SECT', 'DMAK', 'ZIMA', 'TAXR', '4EVR', 'DVOUR 640', 'ARTK', 'MARVL', etc.. y'all didn't get angular and sharp like that before,, favorite ever was the early 90s invasion which had the best of the best.. all these cats i list had some of the best tags.. while we have amazing pieces now.. something lacks without the rawness of true bay handstyles. and that is all i have to say about that."


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