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Apr 30, 2007

Pistolitas de Azúcar: Cultura, Pop, and Whimsy @ Galeria De La Raza...

For Immediate Release Press Contact: Ana C. Fletes, ana@galeriadelaraza.org GALERIA DE LA RAZA PRESENTS: Pistolitas de Azúcar: Cultura, Pop, and Whimsy WHAT: Pistolitas de Azúcar: Cultura, Pop, and Whimsy – A New Exhibition WHEN: Opening Reception: Friday, May 11, 2007 - 7:30 PM (DJ Chango) Exhibition Dates: May 11 – June 30 Artist Talk: Saturday, June 16 – 2 p.m. Bazaar Benefit for Balazo Gallery - Saturday, June 2, 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. WHERE: Galería de la Raza, 2857 24th St (415) 826-8009, info@galeriadelaraza.org CURATOR: Raquel De Anda (San Francisco, April 22, 2007) Pistolitas de Azúcar: Cultura, Pop, and Whimsy is a multimedia exhibition featuring nine artists who tinker with various perceptions of pop-culture and play with the whimsical magic of everyday. Iconic imagery and visual anecdotes of life in Mexico and California are layered and interwoven, all at once bringing to light a cultural hybridity that is ephemeral while everchanging, and grounded in a rich, multilayered, historical background. Much of the imagery in Pistolitas de Azúcar is inspired by the artists’ relationship with their surroundings. Images of mambo kings and lucha libre wrestlers are coupled with perversely intriguing works inspired by sexy Mexican foto-novelas and political imagery taken from children’s books. In some of the pieces, such as the elaborate collage work of Monica Canilao, found-objects are the primary source of inspiration. Others, such as the video work of Juan Luna Avin and Angelica Muro, use memories of 80’s Mexican pop culture for their experimental music video. While varying in both medium and form, the works included in Pistolitas de Azúcar reflect an intersection of cultural trends and individual identities. Along with several other works, Pistolitas de Azúcar features an installation by Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez of the Date Farmers. Their strikingly bold and gritty work is often produced on discarded signs and highly influenced by the roots of California culture. Mexican poster art, religious icons, and the lowrider culture all play a major role in their works. Also on display are several wooden sculptures produced by the Date Farmers in collaboration with renown Oaxacan woodcarvers, Margarito Melchor and his son. Originally from Coachella Valley and having spent much time in Los Angeles and Mexico, the Date Farmers create work that speaks of an integrative poly-cultural place of creativity. Their work, along with the other seven artists featured in Pistolitas de Azúcar illustrate the formation of identities that, although highly individualized, are informed by the synthesis of a political, cultural, and symbolic history from both Mexico and the US. Featured Artists: Mitsy Ávila Ovalles, Monica Canilao, The Date Farmers, Amanda Lopez, Juan Luna-Avin, Angelica Muro, Txutxo Perez, Michele Muennig and Juan Carlos Quintana. *Images available upon request About Galería de la Raza Galería de la Raza’s mission is to assertively self-define the evolving values, aesthetics, and history of Latino art and culture. Galería supports Latino artists in the visual, literary, media and performing art fields whose works explore new aesthetic possibilities for socially engaged art. We implement our mission by organizing exhibitions, operating a high-visibility public art project, a career development program serving emerging Latino artists, and offering educational programs for youth and adults. Founded by a group of local artists, Galería emerged from the Chicano civil rights movement. Since its inception in 1970, Galería has organized exhibitions and public events that are at the cutting edge of Chicano/Latino arts, from performance events, comedy nights and community forums to innovative, socially engaged and cross-cultural visual arts exhibitions that have drawn attention to a variety of cultural and social issues such as farm-worker rights, the wars in Vietnam, Central America and Iraq, AIDS, gentrification, racism, women’s rights, and cultural diversity. Galería’s exhibition program has played an integral role in San Francisco’s cultural life by identifying emerging Latino artists at an early stage of their careers such Rupert García, Ester Hernandez, Yolanda Lopez, Carmen Lomas Garza, Enrique Chagoya, Amalia Mesa-Bains, to name only a few. To this day Galería remains committed to its original objectives of presenting socially engaged and innovative exhibitions while providing Latino artists a place to exhibit their work and opportunities to reach a wider public. The Date Farmers The Date Farmers Mitsy Avila Ovalles Mitsy Avila Ovalles Monica Canilao Monica Canilao Amanda Lopez Amanda Lopez Juan Carlos Quintana and Michelle Munning Juan Carlos Quintana


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