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May 28, 2007

Mike Giant Timelapse...

Having drawn since childhood, it wasn't until his early twenties that Mike Giant began to pursue art making as a career. It was the end of his fourth year studying architecture in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico when he was offered a position drawing graphics for Think Skateboards. He accepted the job and moved north to San Francisco where he would spend the next ten years cementing his place in the world of fine art. In San Francisco he found the ideal venue for his unique style of artistic expression: graffiti, zines, graphic design and ultimately tattoos. In 2001, Giant's artwork transcended its original home on the streets and he had his first solo exhibition at WDWA in NYC. He has shown his drawings in Tokyo, Japan alongside Sam Flores and Bigfoot at Misanthropy Gallery in Vancouver, BC as well as at countless venues in SF and LA. Although it is his graffiti art for which he remains most widely recognized, his tattoo work has become internationally renowned in the relatively short number of years in which he has been tattooing. Available Now Click Here... Available Now Click Here... Video From Fecal Face... painting at white walls...


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