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Jun 15, 2007

10 Questions for GROTESK

Best shirt ever! 1) The best graphic artist in the world is ? Dick Bruna 2) Favorite part of New York City is? Downtown Brooklyn 3) Have you ever swam in Lake Zurich ? I don't wear a Speedo 4) If you had a choice between a tree house and a sand castle, what would you build? A tree house castle 5) What is your favorite graphic you've ever done? The one I haven't done yet 6) Cheese fondue or cheese burger ? In winter, cheese fondue, and in the summer, cheese burger 7 ) Why Grotesk ? Grotesk Haas, Typeface from Switzerland, and it can mean Villain, Fantastic, Strange, Stupid, Silly, Fanciful, Absurd, Unnatural, Ludicrous, Unreal,etc... 8 ) Do you know the Pythagorean theorem ? yes 9 ) Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge ? COMMON 10 ) If you were to be involved in any art project, what would it be ? A children's book 11) Word you most overuse ? In English fuck, and in French Lapin


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