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Jun 14, 2007

Ocontemporary located in Brighton, UK is delighted to host the UK debut of the highly acclaimed Brazilian artists: Walter Nomura "Tinho", André Monteiro "Pato", Felipe Yung "Flip". Show runs June 23 - July 29. One of Brazilian graffiti's pioneers, Tinho incorporates skate and punk influences to express his experiences of cities throughout the world. Pato believes that fantasy and humor give a freedom to help us understand social issues, his colorful work influenced by animated TV, comic books and cinema, while Flip was one of the first graffiti artists in Brazil to draw characters without letters and to work with posters and stickers. All three artists have a huge international following and are highly acclaimed in their native Brazil. 

The show at ocontemporary will feature originals and be accompanied by exclusive show prints. 

Tinho, Pato, and Flip will be creating a mural on a wall in central Brighton on Thursday 21st June. This project is in association with Rarekind Gallery and Brighton Council, all welcome, more details at ocontemporary.com Tinho Pato Flip Pictures from ocontemporary.com


Blogger HomeGrown # Revolution said...

vlw flip.. representando o braza!

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