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Jul 30, 2007

10 questions to Tyler from Heavyweight

10 questions by Evan: 1) Favorite tee shirt graphic of all time? Hmmmm ... A toss up – the Golden area of t's - Black Flag Pettibon Shirts, Pushead Metallica/zorlac shirts, rat bones, Stussy No4, Thrasher logo, Bad Brains 'banned in DC'. Now I just wear white tshirts. 2) Favorite Heavyweight graphic? Revolution/Evolution 3) The best artists to work with are? DSTRBO and G. Starship. Collaboration isn't for everyone. 4) Word you most overuse? "A bit much" 5) Last great movie you saw? Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars. 6) The center of the earth is made up of . . . . ? Betamax tapes, walkmans, atari joy sticks, commodore 64's, airwalk shoes and bolo bats. 7) Favorite presidential candidate for '08? Obama (but I'm Canadian so can't vote) 8) Tupac or Too Short? Early Tupac and early Too Short. 9) Do you own any vinyl toys, and if you do, which ones? James Jarvis, Medicom s1 w's, Bearbricks - PAM, Andre, series10 and stuff, fafi girls, and I like Biddies. 10) The next big thing is . . . . . Africa


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