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Jul 2, 2007

11 Questions with N8 Van Dyke

1) Are you excited about Transformers the movie? I don't care for some of the character redesigns, but I'll check it when the crowds die down. 2) How often do you go to the zoo? Not nearly often enough. Once a year. 3) Favorite artist of all-time Frank Frazetta 4) The best thing you have bought in the past year? A vacation to Kauai. 5) When did you start drawing the ape/chimp? Started that about 7 years ago and people just latched onto it. 6) Favorite kind of cereal? Honeycomb 7) Black and white or color? Color. 8) If you were not drawing things, what would you be doing? Huffing gasoline... the cheapest grade. 9) Favorite animated character? Old school Warner Brothers... all of 'em. 10) Where do you live and are you going to move? I live in San Francisco and I JUST moved into a new place two months also in SF. 11) Is there was already a Plan A, what's Plan B? Plan B would be the gasoline I just mentioned... it's art or nothing.


Anonymous testOne said...

Is that gunan be a shirt?

2:30 PM  

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