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Jul 12, 2007

Kill Communication

Monster Children Gallery Presents Kill Communication An Exhibition of New Works by KILL PIXIE OPENING 19TH JULY, 2007? 6.30PM 20TH JULY – 9TH AUGUST 2007 When communication dies the world descends into turmoil. War, pestilence, and dysentery reign. But we can be saved from the perils of silence. A new medium of understanding is upon us. Soul to soul through eye beam radio waves - this is the language of KillPixie. This is the dawn of Kill Communication. Like L.Ron Hubbard, Sydney artist Kill Pixie has gathered a cult following of fanatics who use his visual messages as the basis for their entire existence. Now, Monster Children Gallery is pleased to present his latest gospel: KILL COMMUNICATION, an idea born not of evil but of salvation– the freedom of thought. The exhibition KILL COMMUNICATION will debut at the Monster Children Gallery in Darlinghurst on July 19th at 6.30pm. We invite you to join us and experience one of Sydney's finest modern artists in all his resin, ink, paint and ply board glory. Add sculpture and paper works to that list and you have? Kill Communication.  OPENING HOURS: WED: 12 – 6PM THURS: 12 – 7PM FRI: 12 – 6PM SAT: 12 – 5PM STREET: 20 BURTON ST DARLINGHURST NSW 2011, AUSTRALIA POSTAL: PO BOX 249 // 6/12 CHESTER STREET CAMPERDOWN, NSW 1450. AUSTRALIA PH: +61 2 9332 2040??? FAX: +61 2 9519 3565 MONSTERCHILDREN.COM


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