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Apr 19, 2007

Upper Playground friend, Chris Cosentino steps up to the plate and gets ready to battle on Iron Chef America. With a strong passion for Italian food, Chef Cosentino challenges Iron Chef Mario Batali, “The King of Authentic Italian Eats” to a culinary battle. The show airs Sunday April 22, 2007 on the TV Food Network (check your local listing for time). On the show Chris and his staff bust out their Adidas x Upper Playground 35th Anniversary Superstar BBQ shoes. Good Luck to Chris and his staff. If you happen to be in San Francisco check out his award-winning restaurant, Incanto, located in Noe Valley. For more information on Chris Cosentino please check out his website Offal Good at & Incanto Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar.. Photos courtesy of the TV Food Network.


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