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Jun 14, 2007

11 questions answered by Jeremy Fish 1) Hillary or Obama? Huh? 2) Quality you admire in San Francisco? North Beach. Highest quality available, actually. 3) If you were a major celebrity, what ridiculous habit would you take up? Fingerbanging other celebrities. 4) Favorite object to paint? The object of my affection usually. 5) Do you wear your own tee-shirts? No. I used to say if you wear your own tee shirts, you should get a hinge in your back so you can blow yourself too. 6) Artist you admire beside yourself? Max Power 7) Favorite ride at Disneyland? An 8 year old kid in the bushes. 8) What word do you overuse? Dude 9) DId Tony Soprano die? Fuck Tony, that show stresses me out. 10) What's your next project? Answering these questions. 11) When was the last time you skateboarded? The other day I rode to my van. Very low impact.


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