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Jun 20, 2007

11 questions with Morning Breath 1) Hunter's Point or Brooklyn? Brooklyn. We're tired of dodging bullets. 2) Your favorite duo beside yourselves? Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble 3) Have either of you ever beat Mike Tyson's Punchout? No, but i have biten off an ear before. 4) Any relation to My Morning Jacket? Is that another way of saying Jimmy hat? 5) Have you ever been approached by a gum company for advertising? Not gum, but we are working on a new mouthwash for hangover breath with Scope. 6) Words or phrase you most overuse? "Go ahead get me another beer" 7) Celebrity you want to drink with? We would be down to smoke dust with Luis Guzman 8) When was the last time you skateboarded? Do rollerblades count? 9) Did Kanye thank you? For what? 10) Favorite line from a movie, or motto? "You hate your dad...not me!" 11) And in the end . . . ? C'mon we're just getting started


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