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Jun 19, 2007

11 questions with Herbert Baglione 1) Football or painting? Drawing. 2) Your favorite artist? Maurizio Cattelan. 3) What's there to do in Brazil? Create new tendencies. 4) Can you sing the Brazilian national anthem? Why not? 5) Europe or the United States? World wide domination, you know. 6) Is there good steak in Brazil, if so, do you eat it? Rodizio is the number one. 7) Have you slept in the Amazon? I will. 8) Is Ronaldo a hero? A icon. 9) What is your favorite style to work in? Self-destruction. 10) How often do you paint? When I have ideas to paint. 11) Does The Wall have anything to do with Pink Floyd? Not really, the idea is about separation/protection.


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