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Jun 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day !

Special gift from Vaughn and Mark Bode. Treat! Message from Mark Bode: Hello friends and piers here is the only known lecture with my dad speaking out about art and censorship before his death in 1975 .It was saved from a old bata tape that was molding thank god it was found in time to save this 15 minute clip. Spread it around i think its time Vaughn be heard in his own words ... Thanks to Molly Bode and Sig Humanski its on the internet now.. It was emotional and life changing for me, i received this tape a few years ago and it came on fathers day a few days after i completed The Lizard of OZ (Vaughns last project) ... With Vaughn Vie learned over the years there is no coincidence it was a message of encouragement that was so needed at the time . The tape came via an old friend of my dads Sigmond Humanski..Now i can share it with everyone thru Utube for fathers day.. Happy fathers day dad you tell um like it is... -Mark Bode This man is the TRUTH. Turning down Stan Lee...Confidence. Thank you Bodes P.S. Mark, Thanks for the early TMNT comics. Classics!


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