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Jul 2, 2007

Anthony Lister recently did an interview for Fecal Face. Anthony's works seem like a 27 year old man looking back at his childhood through the fog of the realities learned of society. As we age our childhood no longer has the same pure Saturday morning gleam but instead the comic book characters and Tony the Tigers take on a distorted fogged perspective as the wars of the worlds proceed, our relationships fail, the George Bush's are elected, the environments collapse, our youth and all that made it happy- the simplicity of it is lost and we're only left with a faded obscured memory of a zagged "S" on a blue suit... Click here to read the full interview. Below are some previews of what is in store for his upcoming show this week at FIFTY24SF Gallery. The opening reception is July 5, 2007 from 7:00 to 9:30 pm.


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