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Jul 12, 2007

Basco 11 questions (and answer)

1) Street art in the US or South America? South America. 2) What's your favorite food? Peruvian. 3) What word do you most overuse ? Mierda. 4) If you were to come back to earth as something other than an artist, you would be ? I would like to be a writer. 5) Do you play soccer? I try. 6) Can you play the electric bass ? I have no rthym 7) What is the best part about living in Chile? Most of my friends are here. 8) Your art can best be described as ? I have no answer for this question. 9) Mojito or Escudo ? Austral. 10) Have you been to Easter Island? My sister went there and she told me they have just one beach on the entire island, and is not like one big beach that goes around the thing. Just one and it's very small and the island is very far away and the plane ticket is very expensive. But it's very pretty so i guess maybe worth it.... ...but no I haven't been there .....i guess I should try to go there. I have no idea why that island belongs to chile, it's very far. 11) Your favorite artist living or past? My short list is very long: goya, miro, picasso, neo rauch, giacometti, motherwell, de kooning,gordon matta clark,diego rivera, rufino tamayo, os gemeos, jaar, egon schiele, lee krasner, bansky, etc,etc,etc...


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