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Jun 18, 2007

11 Questions With Estevan Oriol 1) How many tattoos has Mr. Cartoon given you? About 18-20 2) Who's a better photographer, you or your dad? My dad knows a lot more than me 3) Any photographer you admire? The ones who came before me 4) A word you use too often? Fuck it 5) The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is a shitty name, right? And the Dodgers are better? I can’t hate on either of them, I'm just staying out the way 6) Have you visited Phil Spector in prison? No, I'll visit Paris 7) If you were not a photographer, you would be . . .? A director, clothing company owner something like that 8) Was Tupac full of shit, or is living and dying in LA really the place to be? He knew the deal 9) The best photo shoot you've done? The one everyone bites, the LA Fingers. 10) Favorite city to travel to? 45 countries later there is too many. 11) Black and white or color film? Black and white-FILM I'm not down with the digital shit yet, it’s only good for cheap motherfuckers and now everyone is a cell phone photographer. Photo by Estevan Oriol. T-shirt for Upper Playground. estevanoriol.blogspot.com


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uh huh.

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