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Jul 5, 2007

SF 4th of July

This is what SF is about! Street Fighter II in Dolores park for 4th of July! Highest respect to who ever did this...Unless your the one thats picks Guile and you do the Freeze Kick that F's up the whole machine unless you unplug it. Photos by Richard Jule


Blogger !ho-el! rockwell! said...

yo i would cut class to play that shit at the laundromat across from my junior high.it was always about championchip edition sagat.but really dough,SF 2 in the park is produce section fresh.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous king willie said...

I first played at 7-11. kids use to switch off and they had to post up signs saying you cant do that. 7-11 is wack now. they never give cash back and they have no more arcades. they are trying to be cool with the simpsons shit but fuck em. SF II por Vida

2:28 PM  

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