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Jul 6, 2007

Anthony Lister

DSC02116.JPG 1) The biggest artist in the history of Australia is ? PRO HART 2) Bruce Willis circa Live Free or Die Hard or Bruce Willis circa The Kid ? i dont know what your talking about... 3) If you weren't an aritist, you would be . . . a loser that liked to draw 4) Would you ever consider eating a well-cooked snake ? i have eaten a well cooked snake. thats true 5) Words you over-use hey & man 6) If I were to say "Um-bur-rella" to you, do you know what I'm talking about ? um, what? 7) What is your favorite thing about being an artist ? sleeping in 8) Favorite medium to work in ? my wife 9) Artist that you admire ? the kind that get on with it 10) If you could have a conversation with one person, past or present, who would it be ? my dad who died when i was 7 while we were walking in the bush because he got bitten by a snake and we couldnt get him to the hospital in time. 11) Is Paul Hogan full of shit? no, he's full of shrimp


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